Friday, October 5, 2012

A trip to Peltzer Farm

 Those grapes look delicious!

 Welcome to wine county.

 First stop lunch under the pretty trees.

 Steve said he just wanted a taste.

 That is a truck full of great smelling herbs.

 Oh, look there is Hailey!

Running away while munching on a sandwich.

We made sandwiches with cookie yummy!

Finally, a picture of him smiling.

Such a cute little tongue.

Love these two little kids!

So many cool pumpkins and gourds.


Feeding the sheep.

Hailey kept calling the goats horsies, and then she climbed on top of one!!

Lost in a corn maze.

Hailey snuck under the screen when we weren't looking to get a closer look at the real horses.

She was upset because she wanted to ride a pony that was locked up and not available for riding.

She got over it pretty quick.

She learned how to say "Yee haw".

She sobbed and cried like there was no tomorrow when she had to get off.

Time for a pig race.

Must run faster.

Round 2

Check out the pig in green.

Steve loves his little boy.

Evan's turn on the tractor.

That's a big pumpkin, huh Evan?

How nice to not have neighbors right next door.

Time to go home.