Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Babies, College, and a Mission Call

It is the little, mundane, everday interactions between these two that make me smile. And YES there is an upside down picture in this book.

Now she must explain to Evan why he must brush the teeth he doesn't have. She has checked his mouth on several occasions... I am pretty sure she is confused as to why he doesn't have any teeth.

We are terrible at having family home evening..... like we have had it twice in six months! It's something we are trying to improve. Hailey seems to do really well with object lessons in general. I wanted to use a gift card to buy the Fisher Price Noah's Ark set, but I couldn't find it so instead we got the Nativity.  To tell you the truth I am surpised by how much Hailey has played with this. I love how Mary always rides the camel instead of the donkey. I love how she puts the sheep on top of the manger intead of the angel. I love  how she tells me Mary is the Mom and Joseph is the Dad, and Jesus is always identified as "baby Jesus."
In general she is pretty good about sharing with Evan.

Baby Evan gets to have baby Jesus sit on his head!

She may only be two but she loves makeup. She likes to sit on my dresser when I put my makeup on. Today she wanted to wear makeup. I used my blush brush on her cheeks, but she is too smart to be fooled. She realized I didn't open the blush compact and was insistent that the brush got dipped in the compact for some real color.

Quite a few of my sisters have had exciting news this week:
Gillian (16... 17 next month) is leaving her senior year of high school early to start college in January at BYU Provo.
Kendra just turned 21 last month and is going to open her mission call tonight via Skpe with the family.  (Update: Congratulations Kendra on your call to the Cambodia, Phnom Penh Mission!)
And let's not forget Lauren who is in labor at the hospital right now waiting for her first baby, little Madison to come out.
So happy and excited for all three of them!