Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sleepy Heads Wake Up

Here is Hailey eating edamame because she wants to of her own free will. It's funny how even at two years old it is important to let her make her own choices in a a variety of situations and know that we value her opinion. The other day I told her if she wanted to go see the horsies and ride one she had to wear pants or she could stay home and wear her dress. I could have just forced her to put on a pair of pants, though I knew that would include a 30-60 minute crying, screaming tantrum where she would just take off the pants in the end. She didn't want to wear pants right away, but when she made up her mind that she wanted to see the horses she put on pants with no dramatic tantrum.

Hailey is a night owl and grumpy in the morning. If she is around Evan she becomes happy.

Back to sleep for a few minutes.

So glad they're little buddies.

Having kids is like having a built in alarm clock that never runs out of batteries.

Such a happy little boy!

What a delightful roar from the little bear.

Steve made delicious homemade cinnamon rolls to eat while we watched General Conference. (That's what a good husband does.)