Saturday, June 17, 2023

Temple Square and BYU-Idaho


On our 3rd and final day of driving, we stopped off at Temple Square in Salt Lake.

We visited the Assembly Hall first.

Evan was complaining and grumpy the entire time.

Hailey was a little bit too.

It was nice to stop and visit though.

The Assembly Hall seating is actually pretty cramped. I thought it was funny that the pillars go right through pews, or that there is seating right behind pillars. Here you can see how the 2nd story is slanted.

It is a beautiful historic building though.

Temple Square is under construction, including the Salt Lake Temple and grounds right now. So really it was just the Assembly Hall and Tabernacle that were open.

The iconic Tabernacle organ.

A view of the Tabernacle from outside.

Handcart Pioneers sculpture.

A closeup of the Seagull Monument.

Time to head back to the car and continue the drive.

On our way, we stopped over at Pocatello to visit the BYU Idaho campus.

We walked around the campus and gardens for a while.

We then stopped off at the cafeteria and let the kids play air hockey and pool for a bit.

Evan has all sorts of BYU gear: shirt, hat, sweater, tie, tie clip, pendant, stickers.

It was good for them to come see the Rexburg campus and have some fun.

Plus, they need to get out and take a break from all the driving.

This was about an hour and a half after stopping off at Richard and Camille's in Pocatello for lunch.

And another hour until we reached the cabin at Island Park, where we met up with the rest of my family.