Friday, June 16, 2023

Strawberry Days Festival and Rodeo


At the end of our 2nd day of driving out to Idaho, we stopped over at the Shiffler's.

And everyone was excited to see each other.

Nearby there was a festival going on, so we took the kids over to ride some rides.

The place was really packed.

And the kids had a great time riding some rides together.

Meanwhile, the little kids were off riding the carousel.

So fun!

For their last ride, the kids wanted to get on this spinning wheel.

They loved it so much they rode it twice.

I even rode it with them that final time... I got super dizzy when looking straight ahead.

I had to look at the person next to me to combat the vertigo.

Jeni and the girls went back to Kendra's while I took the boys to the Strawberry Days Rodeo.

And the rodeo was awesome.

This night was the breast cancer awareness night, so there was a bunch of pink represented.

Bronco riding was the first event.

There were also the Strawberry Days pageant winners on their horses.

Next up: steer wrestling.

Those calves got their heads pulled down and the rest of their bodies followed straight down.

The pageant ladies escorted the calves back to their stall after each round.

Steer roping came next.

Then some more bucking broncos.

The one and only event for women was the barrel racing.

Last of all, was the bull riding.

This looked the most difficult by far. The bulls were much stronger and more aggressive than the bucking broncos.