Saturday, June 27, 2020

Covid Trip to the Botanic Garden


Today we took Nana to the South Coast Botanic Garden. Good excuse to get her (and us) out of the house.

It was warm walking around but nice to be outside.

Masks are required (even outside away from others) and all the hands-on areas are closed.

Last time we came out here, with the Ashcrafts, was early on in the lockdown and we didn't even have masks that fit everyone - certainly no children masks.

Three months later we're still in lockdown and carry masks with us when we go out in public (except for Baby Aubrey).

Nana is alone and isolated at home so we wanted to get her outside for the day, and come see the pretty gardens.

The kids love climbing all over these crazy tree roots.

The rose garden is Jeni's favorite part.

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