Wednesday, June 17, 2020

First Taste of Banana

These kids all went with Jeni to the doctor's office today.  Aubrey and James both got shots.

Aw, look at these sisters together.

Guess what we have for you, baby?

Your first taste of banana!

She wasn't so sure about this.

She needed help keeping it in her mouth rather than pushing the banana out with her tongue.

She has sucked on apple and bell pepper but mashed food was new to her.

All in all, a good first experience.

It has been hot lately.  Time to bring out the pool!

Normally we'd have these kids signed up for swim lessons but, of course, all pools are closed due to the pandemic.  We will make due with this little pool in our front yard.

Love watching these kids play together.

James can hold his own against the big kids.

Busting out the boogie boards.

And wipeout!

One more week of school and then Summer break begins. I'm sure Jeni will be happy to get a break from virtual learning.