Sunday, March 29, 2020

US #1 in Coronavirus Cases

Starting off the day with Baby and her bunny.

So sweet.

2 Weeks into the Pandemic and back for another Ashcraft family church meeting.

The kids need a little corralling while we're having the lesson.

Here's Hailey pretending to take a nap.

Due to the lockdown, this week the kids' piano lessons went virtual.

We are currently working on potty training with James.  A few times he's gone all by himself.  Twice this week he ran up to me saying, "I can feel it!" and had to go poop.  He's doing such a great job; still needs to be reminded & taken every 30-45 minutes usually, but is doing great.

In COVID news, the US surpassed Italy & China, moving beyond 100,000 cases Friday. 
41% of all confirmed cases in the world are in New York with 782,000 cases worldwide.

There are reports of young people ignoring warnings thinking it won't affect them.  Some partying in Florida for Spring Break said "if I get corona, I get corona" and then got the virus. A social media idiot who licked a toilet seat over a "Coronavirus Challenge" caught it. Someone attending a "coronavirus party" also caught COVID-19.

I hope it's dawning on people that it isn't just over-60-year-olds or those with health issues who are at risk; it's everybody.  20% of all those hospitalized in the US are between 20 and 44.

New Orleans didn't think COVID-19 was serious; just something happening elsewhere in the country. After holding Mardi Gras as usual, New Orleans has emerged as a new hotbed for the virus & spreading it further across country as people carried it home with them.

Some are arguing to end lockdowns & get back to work to save economy, like the Texas Lt. Governor who said that old people would gladly give up their lives to save their grandchildren's economic future.  At the beginning of the week Trump said he wanted the country back to normal by Easter but by the end of the week was re-thinking that idea, extending voluntary isolation through the end of April.

28 states now have some sort of Stay at Home policy now, including Washington State which just started theirs Wednesday.

For us, we're just staying in and sticking close to family.

Tonight the kids wanted a "roast," where we roast marshmallows and hang out around the fire pit.

Even Grandma Kelly came outside and joined the party.

Time to head home and get these kids ready for bed.

These two are so cute together.