Friday, December 14, 2018

Scott McClellan 1952 - 2018

Thanks Enrique for making this Slideshow on Vimeo.

The past couple of weeks have been all about getting ready for the burial and memorial.

We held Dad's burial yesterday in Whittier just for a small group of family and friends at Rose Hills followed by a lunch out at North Woods (where, growing up, we'd eat out with Dad's side of the family the day after Thanksgiving).  Jason and Kelley, Jennifer and Rob flew out at the beginning of the week to be here.

Today we had a great turnout for Dad's memorial service up in Santa Clarita.  John Sage lent his booming voice to give a biography of Dad's life and we had 3 talks from each of Dad's 3 families.  Leighton Hickman spoke for his Church family.  Bonnie Sherman Weber for his work family.  And Jennifer and I teamed up on writing and delivering our family talk.

In preparation I've been reading through Dad's journals he wrote over the past few years (all thanks to Jeni who gave him the challenge and he ran with it).  It helped direct my thoughts as I worked on what to include for our talk.  It was nice to connect with Dad through his words.

I'm grateful for all who helped on Dad's memorial and those who've helped the family in any way.  I took time off work and helped with preparations alongside Mom and Greg.  I'll end here with my final remarks from my talk.

Thank you for being my Dad. Growing up I felt safe, protected, given every opportunity to succeed.  Thank you for your example as a loving father and husband, and a worthy Priesthood holder.  I love you and I look forward to our reunion in the next life.