Monday, December 24, 2018

Broken Wrist on Christmas Eve

With Jennifer and Rob, Jason, Kelley, and Allen here for Christmas we came up to Mom's yesterday.  While playing soccer with her cousins in the backyard Hailey got knocked down and was hysterical about her arm hurting.

Even though others thought Hailey was just overreacting she was genuinely hurt so we left.  I dropped the others off at our hotel room (too many people staying at Mom's) and took her to Urgent Care.  Well, her wrist is broken: a fracture at the end of her radius.  They put her in a brace 'till we can get her an orthopedic appointment for a cast.

It's an Allen boy!

James was jealous of Allen's little camera.  He kept wanting to take it and play with it.

Jennifer revamped one of Dad's Christmas games.  We all gathered so she could read the story of Santa's elves hiding their own gifts for the kids on this Christmas Eve.

The story contains photo clues leading the kids to the goodies.

And they're off!

James found one!

All around the house the kids found little envelopes full of coins.

They had to work together as a group per the story's instructions.

They did a great job working together and sharing their money.

And then it was present time.

James loves having his own little tools.

New bow and arrow set for Evan.

Evan and Sean sequestered themselves away to build all their new Lego sets.

Sometimes the other kids would go in there and play with the new sets (and then get kicked out when Evan found them).

It was nice spending time with the whole family.