Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 4: Luray Caverns

Steve and I took the kids to church and when we found the Church it was empty. Turns out they were having stake conference and that was another 50 miles away. Instead we went to the Methodist Church. There were only two  other small children in that church and there was a sour lady who was getting quite irritated with Evan. She wanted to tell him to sit down and gave us several dirty looks. Didn't she know this was his good behavior? He didn't put any boogers on her.  He wasn't kicking or climbing over seats.. he just wanted the pencil next to the hymnal book to draw with. Evan wasn't even being noisy.  I loved the stained glass, the kids liked that they played and electric guitar in Church, and Hailey put an empty tithing/ offering envelop in the tray they passed around.

After church we got together with the rest of Steve's family to go to the Luray Caverns.

These next few pictures show the reflection of the stalagtites on the underground lake.

 People get married down in this big underground room with a stalacpipe organ.

Next we split into groups and went through the garden maze.

These guys were the first group out.

They had to wait for the rest of us to make our way out.