Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 2-3: Jason and Kelley's Wedding

Steve's brother Jason got married.

This was the house we stayed in with Steve's immediate family.

It was quite exciting to have everyone together and not feel cramped. 

Dining Room.

Nook off the Kitchen.


Playing with the cousins in the jacuzzi.

I made Steve get in because Evan wasn't tall enough to reach the bottom.

Going on a adventure.

Evan is super shy.

Evan and Hailey both fell asleep before the wedding.

When it came time to get ready they were not ready to wake up and there was more crying and screaming than you could have imagined.

Good thing Evan went right back to asleep because he would have just wanted to run around. 

Flower girls are making their way down.

He either needs another nap or a piece of cake.

Steve calls this "the flavor of the wedding."

The boys just wanted to hide in the corn.

The siblings. 

What a great idea to have a craft table for the kids.