Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 5: Maymont

It is so hard to get everyone together. We had a lovely time visiting with everyone.

We are on our way to explore The Maymont Estate and grounds in Richmond.

They loved feeding the goats.

Busy rolling down the hill. This is the perfect place to bring kids because they can run around and there is nothing here they can break. Lot's of freedom.

A stick fight initiated by Evan.

You know your getting old when you do this early afternoon.

Can you spot Hailey?

Going to the Japanese gardens.

Evan was so excited to see these stones to hop on. I said, " Oh No....who is going to fall in first?"

We call this look, "Mom said NO!"

Up and away to the Italian Gardens.

The mansion was closed because it was Monday, but we had a great time exploring the huge grounds.

Next we headed over to Uncle Jason't new bar to check things out.

"What can I have to drink off this menu?"

Steve really loved the sausages.