Monday, June 29, 2015

Santee Camping

Good morning!

The kids were so excited for their first time fishing.

The kids want to throw the line and immediately pull it in. 

My dad suggested the kids leave their poles in the water for at least 5 minutes. Hailey said it felt like forever.

My sister Clarice separated herself from us because the kids were noisy talking to the fish.

And then Evan found her.

Waiting for the fish to bite proved to be quite difficult.

We left the others to fish and went to the playground.  Go figure, once we left my dad caught a fish.

Ready for a swim.

There were a few attempts to teach the kids how to play Jenga.

Going for a ride.

Checking out another playground.

Picked these up at Walmart so they wouldn't drown in the pool.

Less than 5 minutes out of the shower... we are already dirty again.

The kids wanted to try fishing again.... but by the time we got to our spot they were passed out.