Monday, June 15, 2015

Kindergarten Uniforms

Getting into a decent school in Los Angeles that is not ghetto fabulous is difficult for a million reasons.  Steve and I even went to a meeting that tells you how to apply to kindergarten for a public school months before you could even apply. We had to sign up for school tours 6 months in advance and barely got a spot. Ridiculous! While Hailey did not get into our top pick.... not a surprise seeing how over 350 students applied for 1 kindergarten class... she did get into a good school.  We are still going to reapply to our top pick this fall for 1st grade. That rat race isn't over yet.

We just turned in Hailey's enrollment forms and were informed the new uniform guidelines were out. What? Somehow we didn't pay attention to that.  She has so many clothes we weren't planning on buy her any new clothes for school.

School uniforms were on sale/clearance the last week of school so we bought them while they were discounted.  Hailey is so opinionated.... she told me she wouldn't go to school if she had to wear pants.  She can only wear navy or solid khaki dresses or skirts.... no logos or designs. She may wear white, navy, or red solid shirts.

I bought all of her clothes 1 size larger than she normally wears so she can (hopefully) wear them for 2 years. And I specifically read up on which brands last the best and you don't have to iron.  Lands Ends last the best and has the best warranty. You will be broke at the rate of paying $30 just for a single kids polo shirt by the time you buy 1 week's worth of clothes. We ended up buying from a company French Toast which seems to be really good quality and about half the cost of Lands Ends.

We got Hailey 5 dresses, 1 skirt, 4 shirts and 1 heavy duty sweater. It still all adds up. Hailey also stated that she will not wear regular socks because they are not "fancy enough" and she only wants to wear tights. White tights on a playground..... oh boy.... how many pairs are we going to rip? And yes, Hailey was very offended that I suggested leggings under her dresses.... "How dare you...those are pants mom!"

She is super excited and kinder is a full day down here.

We had to fill out a 27 page enrollment application. I gave them more than they asked for. Everything from my opinion on homework to taking Hailey out of school on her birthday.  That Hailey emotional like a 16 year old...  You have been warned. Will her teacher be able to get Hailey do do alphabet worksheets?  Not likely. Good luck with that!  Someone is going to want a strong drink after they read through that packet.

And while she may give her teacher a run for her money.... she will be a lot of fun. Thank goodness she has so much personality.