Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hearst Castle

We met an interesting family at breakfast. They brought their own pancake mix and used the waffle machine.  Then they whipped out some real maple syrup from Costco and stated they don't like fake syrup. And then they brought their own berries in.  Sure looked better than what we were eating. 

Next stop was a fantastic couple's massage.

So relaxed.

Then we hit up a juice bar.

This town knows their audience.

Then we headed to Avila Barn for lunch.

It was so much more relaxing than normal.  No kids to chase around.

They would've loved the pony rides, though.

We wandered through their little farm store while we waited for our lunch.

We split a tri-tip sandwich. I am not a big meat eater, but this was very tasty.

He claims this is what happens when deprived of sugar. On the other hand my mom and I  decided to give up processed sugar for 60 days and I am surprised by how much better I feel.

Aw, baby goats.

He likes me.

He was looking so hard for a way out.

I leave my children home and this is what I am left with.

So much delicious stuff.

Hearst Castle.

Such an extravagant house.

We loved our tour of the house.  Our tour guide seemed to forget her prepared speech and had a harder time winging it... so she stuck to her prepared notes.

At the beginning of our tour we're told not to touch anything and to stay on the carpet which they have lain down for the tours.  Someone from our group stepped off and onto the library rug... and an alarm went off.  The whole place is rigged with alarms.  When they say don't touch anything they mean it.

Loft bed.

At the pool.

Drought, so no water in the pool.

This is what it would look like with water.

The indoor pool still had water though.

On our way to Paso Robles where we booked a Bed and Breakfast at a private residence.