Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

One of our hosts at the house we stayed at is really into organic gardening and eating. We got a tour of the garden and the eggs we had for breakfast came from these chickens who tend to be very "naughty" in the garden.

Our view of the vineyard from the back porch.

Carmen works at one of the local vineyards.  Billy stays with her and her husband Hallen tending to the guests and the garden.  They told us about wine making 101... and then we confessed that we don't actually drink wine.  Also while reading Bible stories to the kids earlier in the week Hailey wanted to know why Jesus wanted to be bad and turn the water into wine at the wedding feast. "He knows we don't drink wine right?"

On our trip we were looking for souvenirs for the kids. Yep.... we came home with little Lego sets and both kids were super excited.

Happy Fathers Day even though you squeezed information out of Evan to find out what you were getting. 

The kids were so excited to pick something out for their dad.

So much building going on.