Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Off to Las Vegas

Getting tipsy with the rootbeer.

Delicious, rich frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity3.

Scott and Lynda were kind enough to invite us along on their trip to Vegas this year.

On our way to our hotel we stopped to check out some of the hotels on the Vegas Strip.

Wandering through Ceasars Palace.

It was just the two of us, Scott and Lynda, and Lynda's mom Carol.

Reminiscent of our visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Next stop: Hotel Bellagio.

The Botanical Garden was completely decked out for Christmas; there were even model trains going.

A glass jelly fish display that was hanging from the ceiling.

The trains circled two giant snow globes and a giant Christmas tree.

The Jean Phillipe Pastry Shop and chocolate fountain.


One of the cake displays. So fancy!

Scott and Lynda have been to Paris and seen the real Eiffel Tower.

When's our turn?

Stopped to watch the fountains outside the Bellagio. It sounds like gunfire when those jets shoot off.

Ooh, it's even prettier at night.

Finally we made it to our hotel in Downtown Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget.

They seemed to cater to a Western crowd.

I think that worked out great this week because the Rodeo was in town.

Someone needs a drink.

We saw this place outside at the Freemont Street Experience. There is a scale outside to weight yourself on. There was a large sign in the window with an address to send your hate mail to. People wear hospitals gowns and if you don't finish your food a nurse spanks you in front of the whole restaurant. We watched them spank someone through the window. They have a burger there that has 9,982 calories.

Zipliners at the Freemont Street Experience.

They do a crazy music and light show on the ceiling.

Steve said the place reminded him of Hollywood with all the street performers and people in costumes taking pictures with the tourists. It's like a mix between Hollywood Blvd, City Walk, and Third Street Promenade.

Meanwhile, the casino was filling up with people gambling... and smoking. It was so bad I couldn't breathe.

We ordered in room service and ended our busy day with a nice, quiet evening.