Saturday, December 27, 2014

McClellan Christmas

Meeting up with the McClellans to celebrate Christmas.

Getting ready to play the scavenger hunt game. If you want presents you had better be ready to look for them.

Evan checking out his map marked with spots to look for presents.

Everyone had their own map.

Let's go.... there!

Presents in the fridge? Yes!

Found one!

Where is my present hiding?


Trying on a new dress.

Meet Hailey's new boyfriend who is not allowed to sleep in her bed.  Can't trust them even if they are plastic.

Evan's truck isn't going to be allowed to sleep in his bed either.  He loves this truck!

Another cute dress for Hailey.

The box says ages 14+ but should say 30+. The camera that goes on the helicopter makes it all that more exciting.

Tired and passed out. This is what happens when you fall asleep while we open presents.