Monday, August 12, 2013

A little bit of summer

Couldn't even wait until the end of the story to drift off to sleep. I have spent a great deal of time with Hailey and Evan to teach them to sit and let me read to them or at least look at the pictures in books. Even Evan has got to the point where he will sit still and we can make it through a handful of books before he turns into a wild monkey. It it one of those things that requires lots of patience and practice. Recently I asked Hailey to do something and she told me she couldn't because she was "busy reading".

This was the first of many zucchini from our garden. This one made 6 loaves of bread, was put in stirfry, and an Amish casserole and there were still leftovers.

We have had plenty to share with the neighbors and our friends. Now if my children would just stop picking them for fun.

After reading the children's Friend magazine we tried a cookie recipe out of there.

This is what happens when you try to climb through the dog door at Grandma's house and you get stuck and fall out.

Another lazy day at the beach.

He was in a grumpy mood this day.

Hanging out with my sister Gillian and brother Brent.

He doesn't like the cold water.

I don't know if it is because he is such a climber but he is constantly looking banged up. The cashier at Home Depot told me the other day he looked abused.

Napping together after church.

We tried doing joy school with some other families earlier this year, as one mother offered her house up to use every week. All the mothers rotated teaching the lessons and activities. I don't know why but Hailey hated going. I thought she would get over it in a few weeks and warm up, but she didn't. Her non-stop crying (30-45 minutes minimum) was so distracting she spent every week sitting in a designated spot crying and sobbing. The whole sit-in-a-circle time is not for her. When the lessons and crafts were over then she wanted to play with the kids. That is the short end of the story... way too much drama week after week.

My visiting teacher had her child in a Montessori preschool and loaned me some books a few years ago that I really enjoyed reading. I went to the library and checked out tons of books on Montessori and Waldorf methods and began to think about what types of activities would be a good  fit with Hailey's personalities. Both methods have things I like and things I dislike. Therefore I pick and choose the ones that suit us.

Recently Hailey has been wanting to pour her own milk from a pitcher.

And eat cereal and milk.

She has been super interested in talking about getting married and dressing up.

More baking.

My sister Gillian made her a garden crown, which she was thrilled with.

We have been to the LA Zoo plenty and decided to try out the Santa Anna Zoo.

Attack of the pink bird!