Sunday, July 21, 2013

Time for more cake

We made a pit stop on the way home from getting Evan's vaccinations to check out the American Girl Doll Store at the Grove.

If you can imagine, Hailey was thrilled.

Evan just wanted to rearrange furniture and climb on things.

Then we made stop in Pottery Barn.

He goes after the push toys right away, like this stroller.

Then we watched the fountains before heading home.

Saturday we headed up to Santa Clarita to hang out with Steve's family.

We went to the park to kill some time while waiting for the cousins to show up.

We didn't stay very long. One reason was because the sand, sidewalks, and slides were super hot.

Hot enough to make both kids cry.

At least the grass was cool.

When we got back Evan needed a nap.

Papa wanted cake, so we decided to have cake, then dinner, then another round of cake.

Meanwhile the kids went outside to cool off.

Then Evan woke up and wanted to jump in the water in his clothes.

Hailey got a new Mini Mouse dress.

Papa also filled up a trashcan for the kids to climb into off the trampoline.

What a funny expression.

After dinner it was time for presents.

I asked Papa last minute if he could make Evan some wood cars... he should quit his job and make wood toys all day long!

Birthday hugs.

Cake Time!

Evan dove right in there.

Kailey started a new trend, bend over and take a bite.

All the others soon followed. 

Back home Evan has had a great time playing with his new toys!

Trying to figure out how to tie a shoe.

Last of all the kids are happy to have more blocks to play with.