Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The end of summer.

One little person is great; two is even better!

Having a snack outsides while waiting for Hailey to wake up from a nap. 

Our Turkish neighbors recently invited us to come to a Ramadan feast after sundown and a Turkish birthday party.

We love the exposure to different cultures and people here in Los Angeles.

Having a good moment.

A not-so-good moment.

A weekend at the beach.

The water was so sparkly.

Be careful with those little ones.

Evan wasn't so sure about that cold water... but was okay as long as Daddy held him.

I have never known my father to be caught anywhere without a book. 

Building a fort.

Where have Hailey and Evan gone? Do you see them?

They were hiding in the hole.

Evan has had enough for one day.

Steve is the fun parent.

Evan just wanted to shake the umbrella and climb on my much for reading.

Steve wanted a break.... and then Evan decided he would make a good trampoline.

On Labor Day we headed to a different beach down in Malibu where we watched some dolphins swim really close to shore.

Enjoying a cookie... even if it is sandy.

Hailey wanted to help dry Evan off.

You need one person to build... 

...and one to destroy.

There were lots of things to find hidden at the tide pools.

Like starfish.

See the little white crab?

Hailey wanted to ride the boogie board down the sand dune.

And now, time to go home.