Monday, April 15, 2013

Over The Weekend

Maybe... just maybe one day we will make it through the day without spilling food or drinks on the floor.

The plan for today is to see the cousins to celebrate Sean's upcoming birthday.

But first we stopped at a german bratwurst restaurant to try some authentic sausages.

Time for a Bavarian tater tot.

Then we met up with the family at a indoor Bounce House.

Next time we should have cake before the bounce house, not after!

The little guy had a great time doing jumps and slides with his dad.

Even Nana went down.

Don't worry - she eventually got up.

Aw, sliding with the cousins.

Again Dad! Again!

Just making sure Papa is still alive.

So much fun.

They sneaked in to one of the party rooms and sat on the bounce house throne together.

A few quick shots of the small ones after church.

What a silly little girl.

Sporting his new lederhosen.