Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Steve had a white elephant gift exchange at work. Pretty much everyone brought liquor... can't get any more pathetic than that. Lame Poop Heads! Steve had no choice but to pick his own gift and bring it home. He came home with a fun remote control helipcopter. Steve, Hailey, and Evan have had the best time flying it around.

New Years Eve we stayed home because it is the deadliest night of the year and we all want to live. Too many drunk drivers out and about.
New Years Day we stayed home; the kids were excited to have their Dad around to play with them. Gee, I wonder who the "fun" parent is.

For Christmas Steve got parts to motorize his Hogwarts train.

The kids kids covet their Dad's toys.... the real reason they think he is super cool.  I don't want to be responsible for Steve's toys getting broken or destroyed so the kids usually have to wait for him to get home so he can supervise them.

I hear he gives great piggy back rides.

How to make good pastsa taste fantastic.... throw in some grilled vegtables.

After 5 years I am letting all my health magazines lapse in exchange for a parenting magazine. Nevertheless, I love and always check food labels. Look: no corn syrup of high fructose.