Friday, January 11, 2013

6 Months Old

Alas, my younger sister has gone to college. She is the best guacamole maker in the whole family.  Don't let all the single boys mooch off your food plan Gillian! And don't trip in the snow and fall on your face if you want to get any dates.  Hailey keeps asking me where Gillian is.... like all the time.  Hailey doesn't even have any clue as to how long a semester at BYU is.  I might have to tell her Gillian ran away if the questions don't stop.

Look who turned 6 months old this past week!

Love that smile with no teeth.

We scored a little jumper for him off of ebay which he loves. . .

He loves it if you're watching or hanging out with him. He doesn't like to be alone. This is the look  I got when I left him jumping in the hall to make dinner in the kitchen.

He was hysterically laughing at Hailey ride the talking/neighing rocking horse she got from Nana and Papa for Christmas.

I went to take out the trash and noticed the driveway looked pink..... must be from the clouds.

Today we read about plants amd nature. 

Then Hailey planted our first round of seeds: basil, parsley, tomatoes, lettuce and a variety of flowers.

Then it was time to go worm hunting among our compost in the garden.

Hailey is funny... she thinks worms are snakes. (And I convinced her that all snakes bite.)  So she would only scoop up worms with her shovel and refused to touch them because she said they would "bite me!"  We started out with a few and when the bottom of the cup was full of worms I told her is was time to release them back into the wild!

She wanted to leave them on the neighbors' porch, and eventually I persuaded her to dump them into a hole I dug. I am sure my neighbors would be thrilled to find a random cup full of worms on their porch, right?

Today it was 54 degrees, which is unsually cold here. Hailey doesn't like the cold weather... at least that's what she told me. Guess who didn't want to wear a coat???  And then she was so miserable on our walk she laid down on someones's lawn and played dead!

At least there is no snow on the grass.

Cold weather wore the kids out.

Time for a nap.

Remember how I used to threaten Hailey with bandaids becasue she would always pick scabs?  Now she is really into bandaids, hence the one on her forehead, that has been there for about a week.

A great little story we read today
(Copyright from 1956!)

Look at the stars in the evening sky, so many millions of miles away that the light you see shining left its star long, long years before you were born.

Yet even beyond the farthest star, God knows the way. Think of the snow capped mountain peaks. Thoses peaks were crumbling away with age before the first people lived on earth. Yet when they were raised up sharp and new God was there, too.

Bend down to touch the smallest flower. Watch the busy ant tugging at his load. See the flash of jewels on the insect's back. This tiny world your two hands could span, like the oceans and mountains and far off stars, God planned.
Think of our earth, spinning in space. . .  so that now for a day of play and work we face the sunlight, then we turn away-

to the still, soft darkness for rest and sleep. This too, is God's doing. For GOD is GOOD.

God gives us everything we need- shelter from cold and wind and rain, clothes to wear and food to eat. God gives us flowers, the songs of birds, the laughter of brooks, the deep song of the sea.

 He sends the sunshine to make things grow, sends in its turn the needed rain.

God makes us grow, too, with minds and eyes to look about our wonderful world, so see its beauty, to feel its might.

He gives us a small, still voice in our hearts to help us tell wrong from right. God gives us hopes and wishes and dreams, plans for our grown-up years ahead.

He gives us memories of yesterdays, so that happy times and people we love we can keep with us always in our hearts. For GOD IS LOVE.

God is the love of our mother's kiss, the warm strong hug of our daddy's arms.

God is in all the love we feel for playmates and family and friends. When we're hurt or sorry or lonely or sad, if we think of God, He is with us there.

God whipsers to us in our hearts:
"Do not fear, I am here,
And I love you, my dear.
Close your eyes and sleep tight,
For tomorrow will be bright.
All is well, dear child.
Good night."