Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Italy......I wish it was my turn to go.

Lauren and Kendra, this is so you can see a few of mom and dad's pictures. You can look at the other 2500 pictures when you come home for a visit.

Getting ready to land.

A beautiful old stone church.

Time to visit the food market.

A few of the masks from Venice.

I like the ones on the bottom with the pointy noses.

They went to Murano to see the hand blown glass.

Sometimes the water looks green, other times it looks blue.... strange.

Part of the Grand Canal

You know Mom... she had to make a pit stop and check of the cemetery. I hope she finishes all our family history... so we don't have to do it.

A fancy glass baptistery in one of the churches.

Hanging out in Florence.

Famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

The old wall around the city is still standing.

A peek at the Duomo through the trees.

A fancy ceiling.

Checking out Tuscany on a tour.

This is the kind of souvenir I was hoping Mom would bring me.

Time to hang your laundry out to dry for the whole world to see!

A very heavy door used to keep visitors out.

Rome: the eternal city.

Time to hang out at the Vatican.

The Colosseum: a must see.

The Trevi Fountain was swarming with tourists.

Sienna's unusual striped Cathedral.

Very rustic looking...

Which piece of meat would you like?

San Gimignano

She said it was the best ice cream she has ever tasted.

Doesn't look too appealing..

The cheese looks delicious!

Who want the horse to give them a ride?
Kelly does.

A quick stop to see Pisa in all its glory.

In a year from now it'll be our turn to go. Can't hardly wait!