Saturday, January 29, 2022

Legoland Boys' Trip


Grandpa Harold took his young grandsons (Evan, James, Ike, Clark, and Luke) and their dads (and Brent) to a Legoland boys' trip.

Richard and Tyler came out to California with their boys and we all set out early this morning.

On the way we stopped and had a pancake breakfast with the boys before getting to the park.

The castle hotel greets us on the way in.

We've been to Legoland a few times over the years but haven't even done everything that's available.

Even on this trip, we saw and did things we hadn't on any previous visit with our own family.

The Lego Movie World was under construction the last time we were here.

Posing with Rex Dangervest and his velociraptor.

Doing some Lego building at one of the many build stations.

James kept climbing up and sliding down Benny's play ship over and over again.

Brent took the cousins on Uni Kitty's Disco Drop.

Heading out of the Lego Movie World.

And off to Fun Town.

Driving their own cars at the driving school.

Going for a helicopter ride.

There are so many Lego statues everywhere.

Entering Miniland USA.

New York.

A whole stretch of the Las Vegas strip, starting with Luxor.

Decorating their boats for the regatta race.

Ready to race.

Ready, set, go!

Some of the boats didn't make it.

Continuing on our journey through Miniland USA.

One World Trade Center.

I hadn't seen this before at Legoland. Here's the 9/11 Memorial where the Twin Towers were.

Going through, taking more photos of these awesome Lego builds.

From here we took the Coast Cruise around the bay.

Big Ben.

The Eiffel Tower.

The NY skyline against the water's edge.

The Golden Gate Bridge.

The Statue of Liberty.

The Taj Mahal.

Ninjago World.

If there's something to climb, these boys are all over it.

Finding Lego statues wherever we go.

Stopping in on another playground.

When Gillian booked our tickets, she added on a minifigure build for the boys. They each assembled 3 minifigures of their own to bring home.

Our tickets also included the Sea Life Aquarium, which we've never been to before.

I found James, our underwater fox.

The Aquarium is decorated with ocean-inspired Lego builds throughout.

The jellys.

Fish swimming around these divers and submarine.

Found the sharks.

Poseidon/Neptune inside.

And outside too.

We were greeted by some music on our way back into the park.

Starting to get dark. Just a couple more rides left on our way out.

Last ride: Skipper School.

It's been a fun trip! Now time to head home.