Sunday, January 2, 2022

"I Know Papa"

Jeni was praying with Aubrey who started giggling and laughing.

When she finished, Aubrey turned to Jeni and said "I know Papa."

We've been pretty caught up in the day-to-day of life and raising these kids that we haven't shown Aubrey pictures of my dad or talked to her about her Papa who passed away. The other kids remember him but he passed away 14 months before Aubrey was born.

Aubrey continued, "I know Papa Dude. With the boat. He's with Jesus now."

That little girl really does know him. We call him Papa Dude with the other kids and he was Papa with the boat, although we haven't referred to him like that. Though I know Greg's kids did.

In her sweet little voice she told Jeni that she knows her Papa, including how we knew him: as Papa Dude, the one with the boat. Maybe she met him after his passing, before she was born into our family. Maybe she has seen and spoken to his spirit as he's come to visit.

I'm glad that she knows her Papa and was able to share that message with us.