Monday, August 2, 2021

Portland Trip Day 8: Heading Home


Before our flight this afternoon we drove through Portland and visited this nice playground.

Portland looked much different than it had during our last visit 4 years ago. Much scarier.

Downtown looked pretty empty: a lot of buildings closed, boarded up, even destroyed.

The rioters and occupiers (of Portland's “Autonomous Zone”) really left the city in a bad state.

I'm glad we didn't plan to spend any time in the city; it really does not seem friendly to visitors.

The playground we went to was super fun, though.

Covid is still around and masks are required around other people so we kept our masks with us.

The kids got to run around and play and have a great time.

Well it's been a nice trip as a family. Nice to have Nana with us too.

After the playground we were off to the airport to fly home.

The kids were so good on the flight.

Nice view of the clouds from our seats.