Friday, February 14, 2020

Welcome Baby Aubrey!

Welcome Baby Aubrey!

This little one was totally purple when she came out! Here she is once her skin had a chance to change color.

Nana McClellan has been at the hospital waiting for you since the middle of the night.

She's our Valentine's Day baby. Born 12:16pm. 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 in. long.

We kept the gender a surprise during the whole pregnancy, but we all guessed we'd have a little girl.

We had the name all picked out: Aubrey Rose McClellan. Mommy even bought a monogrammed diaper cover and packed it in her hospital bag.

Did we have any boy names picked out? Pack any gender-neutral baby clothes? Nope!

And here she is at last!

I love the baby phase so much. I think other people are surprised. But they're just so little and cute.

Look at her adorable little footie and toes!

What a little miracle she is. I love watching as she discovers the world for the first time.

The sounds babies make are so cute. Even their little baby cries!

Welcome to the family, Aubrey Rose.

Feeling better after some sleep in the recovery room.

Guess who wants to stop by and meet you, Baby?

Everyone gets their turn to hold the new baby.

Look at him; he's so excited.

You're a big brother now, James!

Aww, what a cute group.

Hailey's a pro at the big sister thing already.

Aubrey and Aunt Gillian.

Auntie Clarice.

Papa Harold getting photo-bombed.

James brought Baby a shiny rock.

I love how interested in the new baby they all are. They are going to be good with her.

Now the family is all tied up! 3 v. 3. See? James approves.

Everyone gets another round of holding the baby.

Hailey is going to be our best helper.

Taking over video recording duties from Dad.

Look at that face!

We are all so glad to have your in our family.

We'll see you all at home soon enough; we're old pros at having a newborn and want to get her home as soon as possible.

For bedtime, Aubrey gets this super comfy nightgown.

Sweet dreams, little one!