Saturday, February 22, 2020

Day 9: Photoshoot

The kids like coming into our room and greeting baby Aubrey first thing when they wake up.

Evan loves having a baby in the family.

He just wants to help out.

Now for our baby photo shoot!

Having a little passie break time.

This fuzzy blanket is so soft.

Aw! What a cute bunch!

And they're silly.

Evan wants to be the one holding the baby.

Oh dear. Look at those faces.


Ah, there's a nice picture.

Now everyone gets their own turn with Aubrey.

It's good for Evan to be the big brother and help take care of baby Aubrey.

These two are going to be little buddies growing up.

Hailey is such a big help.

She's really good with Aubrey.