Saturday, February 15, 2020

Day 2: Bringing Aubrey Home

Time to get through these hospital tests and checks and get this baby home today!

Don't you just love cuddling with the little baby?

Nap time.

Cute heart pajamas for our little valentine.

I love the way she curls up.

Oh, look who's awake!

Already lifting her head up to look around.

Who's bothered by the baby's crying? Not Daddy!

Okay, you can have a little bit of passie time.

Hey you! You ready to come home with us?

She is so little in that big car seat.

First stop: over to the Ashcraft's on the way home from the hospital to hang out and pick up the other 3.

Look at these 2 together.

We bought a new baby swing for this little one.

Aunt Kendra meets Aubrey.

Starting the daily pictures. She's got that newborn look for the first couple of weeks.