Friday, July 6, 2018

Going Climbing

Happy birthday Evan!

He just can't leave new Lego sets unbuilt.

Oh, a new weapon!

And a crossbow!?

Woah! That's a big one.

Getting his birthday doughnut.

And it's time to build again.

Last Saturday we took the kids climbing for Evan's birthday.

This place is called Sender One LAX.

Evan and Hailey took turns having one on one time with a climbing instructor.

They both took right to it and did great.

This place is huge.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of spots to climb.

And they increase in difficulty.

They both had a blast and did so well.

James is too little to climb.  He did somersaults on the mat instead.

Nana and Papa came down to watch the fun.