Friday, November 3, 2017


This morning for child of the week Evan brought in Legos from home to share with his class.

They were all pretty excited.

We took the kids of out of school early to go camping at Rancho Jurupa.

Nice little spot.

Building a fairy house.

We were right across from this little lake.

Little James gets manhandled a lot.

We found a wooded area covered in vines.

On an adventure.

Found an entrance to a secret room underneath the vines.

This is the inside.

James is happy to explore at his own pace.

Sweet Hailey.

Lots of secret hideouts.

So much fun!

Marching through the park.

James wants to do everything the big kids do.

And this is right before Evan dropped smack on his face.

Dinner time!  Homemade pizza.

Watching the sunset.

The next morning was cold! In the fifties at 8:00am.

But the kids just wanted to play.

Playing card games.

The campground had a miniature golf course, which was fun.

James wanted to play just like everyone else.

One night was fun, but it is always nice to go home and take a nice hot shower.