Monday, September 11, 2017

Forgotten Bits of Summer

I love to cook meat in the crockpot. 

The kids took swim lessons at LMU College this summer.

After swimming they like to lay on the hot sidewalk.

Reading together.

We always have to make a few batches of sundried tomatoes.

At the Cabrillo Aquarium. 

On the way home we stopped at Alpine village to shop for some delicious German food.

Another outing to the zoo.

Good things my sisters were there... because my kids complained it was too hot to walk after an hour.

Steve was asleep when it was time to go so I took James to my 7:00am Stake meeting.

More reading. Hailey is sitting in a little rocking chair my great grandfather made.

More swimming.

My dad wanted to head to the pier and get fresh fish for lunch. 

We have to be super careful with Evan because he has some seafood allergies. The pediatrician told us to not take him to seafood restaurants because cross contamination can happen so easily.

I wish this happened more often.

And I wish this never ever happens again. Every single egg got cracked!

She tripped running and couldn't walk on her ankle for 2 days.

Finally we took her in and it was just a nasty sprain.

Off to the Children's theater to see Puss in Boots performed. James isn't interested in watching movies, but he liked watching the actors in real life.

We have been eating lots of marinated chicken and salads.