Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hanging out at the Grove.

Look what came to Costco. I checked on the AG website to compare prices and saw they were having a huge sale. Which meant we were going to make a trip to the store and get a start on the Christmas shopping.

Steve, Hailey and Evan headed upstairs.  James & I headed over to get a personal shopper. Getting a personal shopper is free and you are not  allowed to tip them. I didn't have a appointment and they were booked for the whole day. They were super nice to help me....perhaps because I had James with me. I told them what I wanted. They ran around picked everything up while I hung out with James. They have a special room you can stay in where they ring up your purchases so you don't have to stand in line. They  also threw in a few extra items. I did see them making little goody bags for people with appointments. We made a quick to trip to the car before meeting the others upstairs.

A few things I have noticed since Hailey started school is so many kids are wrapped up in electronics and media many kids don't play with toys anymore. SAD! Several of the things little girls are into these days  seem like they we be more appropriate for older girls and teenagers. Steve and I had a conversation about this and I told him rather buy her an American girl doll than some of the others things she would gravitate towards.

If Hailey couldn't have American Girl stuff then she has asked for monster high toys. You had better get your head checked....those are toys I don't want in my house. I find America Girl dolls to be much more wholesome. They  are wonderful for encouraging imaginative play. I like the  beforever books because they are great way for the girls to learn history and they can identify with the main characters.

Hailey's whole world revolves around playing with Kit. Sometimes I think she loves that doll more than the rest of us. Occasionally in the morning we are scrambling to get ready for school and there is Hailey brushing Kit's teeth and getting her dressed for the day. 

There are lots of ways to go this route with our breaking the bank. For Hailey I find the benefits out weigh the cost. And it's hard to argue the cost of a doll in my house when I look around and see how much we have invested in Legos. 

Here is Hailey the first time she saw Kit in 2013.This doll is literally been her best friend and they have had so many good happy joyous times together.


Hailey brought her little coin purse and thought she was going to buy something. She has been obsessed with getting a box from the store. I know it is because we have never actually bought anything from the store.  She wanted to know why when she got Kit for Christmas in 2013 she didn't come in  a American Girl Box. Umm...we told her we didn't get her from the store(ebay).  It is a little funny she has such a hang up  on this. She doesn't care what was in the box. She just wanted something from the actual store. She had $3 in change...not enough to get anything. She sobbed and cried like her life was over when I told her she didn't have enough money to buy anything. 

It proved to be a valuable lesson about delayed gratification. We don't always get what we want when we want it. We had a long conversation about how we don't buy things if we don't have the money to pay for them. Despite all the crying we weren't go to cave in and just pick up the tab so she wouldn't be sad. I did  feel bad for  her as we watched little girls around us  leaving with several bags and we walked out empty handed. We are not a fans of giving our kids allowance for doing normal chores. However, we told Hailey she can do extra chores for a 25 cents and earn extra money.  When she has enough money whenever that is we will bring her back to the store and she can buy a box. 

Next we stopped for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I think this is the first time we have taken the kids out to eat somewhere nice this year. I was surprised  that they behaved as well as they did. Then again they knew if they acted up we would never take them out again. Ever!

Just wandering the shops.

I have high hopes all of my children will be  great readers.

Sooner or later these I would like to get my hand on some more classical books.

Christmas is sneaking up on us!