Thursday, November 3, 2016


Steve brought the kids some balloons home from a  work wrap party.

Guess who didn't get a balloon?

When was the last time you were this excited for a balloon?

All of the sudden it seems like we have been married for a long time. We used to have enough dishes for 12 people. Now we have 4 plates that aren't broken. We have 2 sets of silverware and most of the spoons have gone missing. I told Steve there are a few things  around the house we aren't going to wait for Christmas to replace. I picked out a duvet, and asked Steve what he thought. He is a very detailed oriented person  and there were lot's of little things I wouldn't notice that he didn't like. Sometimes I think I have free reign over picking things for the house....thinking why would Steve care. But he does. Steve picked this set out  and I was glad that finally he liked something  so I bought it.

Steve likes to tease and always tell me, " We can't have nice things in our house." Maybe he can't have nice things, but I can. What do you know we found this set on ebay new for 1/3 the normal price.