Monday, September 12, 2016

New sheets, new pajamas

Evan started joy school with some of his friends.

The kids have helped pick out new bedding for their room. It took longer for me to come to an agreement with Hailey because she is so opinionated. Hailey wanted American Girl Doll bedding which doesn't exist. Her world came crashing down when I told her that. To compromise we have ordered some Paris decorative pillows that remind her of the doll Grace who goes to Paris. For Evan we picked up some star wars pottery barn bedding on ebay. I like to buy things that that the kids won't tire of quickly or outgrow super quick. I don't do trendy stuff which means alot of the stuff they gravitate towards is on my no list. We did pick up some 1800 count sheets for Hailey and they are so soft! 

Doing a little painting.

Working on the shapes game.

Little friends from the garden. 

It is so exciting to find a wiggly caterpillar.

New pajamas

I couldn't resist getting these two matching pajamas.