Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another car crashed into our house.

I had just put a sleepy James to bed and was washing dishes. when our whole house started to shake. At first I thought it was an earthquake and then I could hear the car right outside my window. The driver kept gassing the pedal and hit the house another 5 times and the water pipes broke so there was water shooting everywhere. The neighbors and I ran outside and the driver continued to try to gas the pedal hitting the house and again and again. The lady didn't want to turn off  the car  or get out.  

Good thing the fire department and police showed up real quick.

The driver is an old senior lady who just had a really bad crash 2 months ago right across the street. This time and last time she refused to go with paramedics and absolutely didn't want her car towed. The car didn't have airbags.

The driver says she doesn't know what happened.

I see this old lady speeding like a racecar driver all the time. It's not safe for someone like her to be driving around.She could hurt herself and puts others at risk.  She is lucky to be alive.  

We were told even if she get's her licences taken away they can't stop her from driving. I do feel bad for her because she has a grown son who lives with her and treat her horribly. There is no one else to help her and some say he is abusive.

Glad my neighbors called 911 for us.

Our entire wall is cracked.

The neighbors found chunks our our sign in the middle of their yard.

The main water  line got broken and was spraying like crazy. All of the water for both duplexes(same line) has been turned off until we can get a plumber out here to fix it.