Wednesday, August 10, 2016

During the week

I supervised her making scrambled eggs this morning. 

We picked up these cool kids maps at Costco for the kids room.

He said he wanted to climb ice rocks.

So we made snow.

We picked up some new dollhouse furniture and it is getting played with lots.

My parents and two of my sisters are in Nicaragua picking Gillian up from her mission.

Hailey out  running errands and getting school supplies.

She is so skinny we had to have her uniforms taken in. A smaller size meant short skirts so we skipped that.

Doing our favorite things...checking out plants.

We have been taking care of the dogs while my family is gone. The kids didn't close the door and Pierre got out. We looked for him for about 30 minutes and couldn't find him. That's the most awful feeling. We said a prayer, walked outside, saw him at the corner and he ran all the way home. That's the second time in a week we have had a very obvious answer to a prayer.

I have alot of extra church meetings to go to and recently I had to take all the kids with me. They are good sports. 

I love Costco because I an put all 3 kids in the  same cart. And I buy them a churro every single time we go and they split it. It makes shopping a million times easier.'s the best way to spend a dollar. 

Poor James can't have a churro yet.