Thursday, May 14, 2015

A glimpse of our week.

 Steve was asked to do a animation job at home which he agreed to do.  Then  after he agreed they told him they wanted it done that very weekend. He didn't get the files until 9:30 Saturday night and they were due 80% done Monday morning ( 16+ hour project). Steve never does work on Sundays. Steve got up at midnight Sunday night and worked on it all day. He had to skip work Monday to finish this job.  He only slept for and 1 1/2 that day and finished up after 9:00pm Monday night.   Stressful and  lesson learned.

Time to empty the kitchen cabinets out.

Our cabinets were old- built in 1948. They have been falling apart and we have had a mold problem.

New cabinets and granite.

He caught a stomach bug.

Mothers Days Lego Flowers

We told the kids earlier in the year we would get them backpacks to take on the plane for a trip later in the year. We saw this Darth Vader one on sale at Pottery Barn a month ago.....but it wasn't on sale enough to buy it. Steve found it on ebay and snatched it up. 

Evan loves it! And Vader is his favorite Star wars character.

She told me she got attacked by a tiger.

He loves fruit. So do I.

Warning melting your crayons down will stain and ruin silicon molds. 

It is unheard of for us to get rain in May. The kids wanted to play in the puddles.

Can't be happy all the time.

Last jump before they go in a take a warm bath.

She loves to be fancy.