Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lombardi Ranch

The kids have been so excited to finally go to a pumpkin patch.

Evan wanted to carry this little pumpkin everywhere.

And jump off the hay bales.

A huge pyramid of hay bales made for plenty of jumping.

Evan was fascinated by the animals. He loved the pigs the best, but the horses were a close contender.

Loved playing on the big tractor.

A visit to the petting zoo.

Last year Evan was terrified by the goats.

This year he did pretty well, but was still a little wary.

The place was packed with a lot going on all over the place.

The kids both wanted some fresh corn on the cob before we left.

Asking him for a bite.

Steve had to steal a bite from Evan.

Evan was pretty protective of his corn.  He packed up and moved to a new bale of hay.... only after telling Steve to get his own corn.

Made it back just in time for the ward Halloween Party.

Evan wanted to be a pirate. Unfortunately none of the pirate costumes we saw were able to meet Steve's high costume expectations.... so Evan was a train conductor instead.

The kids played some games, like Donut Bite.

Evan won a prize for his costume.  He didn't really know what was going on but was super excited to pick out a toy for his prize.

Checking out the loot from trunk or treating.

Made it home with everyone on a sugar high.

Train conductor, Gryffindor student, and Princess Anna.

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