Saturday, October 11, 2014

Building Towers

Evan likes to tell me all the time that he needs more trains. I was a little surprised when he told me to go to the store and buy some right away.

Hailey wanted one train and someone didn't feel like sharing. Hailey finally just took one and Evan got mad and threw a wood train at her head and left a nice bump.

I went to hear Sheri Dew speak on women and the Priesthood tonight (and No, I have absolutely no issues with how the Church is running things.) Steve stayed home with the kids.  I hear they built lots of towers. 

The kids were good until bath-time. Then Steve got a heavy dose of what tired grumpy children who can't be consoled are like. It gets old after a few hours. Such is life... I was glad to come home and find all the little ones asleep.