Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunshine Is Good For You

Woke up and decided she wanted to be a fairy.

Tra la la . . . must go find Hailey.

Sometimes they play so well together (Other times not so much).

We have got strawberries growing!

Both of these two love doing artsty stuff.
I try to give them some time everyday to use their creative juices.

We like to paint with watercolors.

Taking a break to water the dirt...not much growing yet.

He thought it was great!

 Now he had better run and hide.

These kids go crazy if they are cooped up all day inside. They burn off so much energy outside.

Filling up the dip with water so she can splash in it.

Dumping dirty paint water.

Worm hunting... found one..."here Evan".

Worms are getting a  short swimming lesson (then returned to the dirt).

Evan loves bugs.

 Hailey was thrilled to be taking a walk in the afternoon.

A little drawing time.

This is a great toy for developing fine motor skills.

It is interesting to see what designs they come up with on their own.