Thursday, July 4, 2013

Around and About

Some things never get old.

My sister Gillian was kind of enough to bring popsicles over for everyone.

Let's share. . .

No, really have a lick!

If only that popsicle made it into his mouth.

Tastes a little woody.

So sad. . . 

Steve emptied a 25 pound bag of flour into a bucket, and not all of the flour made it in.

And then the little helpers ran out of the house to help clean up.

Hailey told us it was delicious.

I think he likes the taste of flour.

For the 4th of July Steve did yard work in the morning.

The kids played in the pool and later that afternoon we met up with friends at a block party.

That diaper weights as much as he does.

Hailey taking a break to do some coloring and cutting.

 And Evan was busy getting into things.

Maybe he just wanted a shirt.

Busy playing with ribbon.