Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Steve's Birthday

Looking for the perfect bedtime story.

Hasn't found it yet.

Such an active and curious little boy.... my little trouble maker. A week before his birthday he figured out how to climb up the ladder onto the top bunk bed. You can imagine I wasn't thrilled when I went to find him and there he was sitting on the edge of the top bed alone. This week at my mom's he got into the kitchen cupboard and dumped out an entire bottle of olive oil onto the floor... and not a small bottle.... the ginormous one from Costco. And yesterday while I was in the shower he managed to pull our laptop off the dresser by the cord and break it beyond repair. Literally he has to be watched every second of the day. Give him five minutes alone and you will most likely wished you didn't. Nevertheless at the end of the day we still love him to pieces. I just have to remind myself that people are always more important than things.

A week ago I had Hailey take the mail from the mailman.... only to hear her practically burst into tears of joy. Oh dear, I should have known better; the new American Girl doll magazine came in the mail. "My doll! For me Hailey! for Christmas?!" she asked. She has spent many hours pouring over the magazine. She suddenly has taken an interest in reading Christmas stories and looking for Santa out the window at night.

I keep telling her Christmas is a looooooong ways away. Which I suppose is a good thing as those dolls cost $110 before tax. Fortunately ebay is selling the older dolls left and right and maybe we can snag a good one for a reasonable cost. I saw one end the other day for $30. Granted, most of them still end higher than that. Hailey does take good care of her toys, and she really is at the prime age for playing with dolls. I remember being little and getting the American Girl magazines so I totally understand the obsession. Type American Girl Doll into ebay and the search results are 21,806 (many of those are clothes and accessories). Still, I am pretty confident it will work out as I just need to win one doll.

Evan has had a blast playing with his new birthday toys.

She finally dozed off while we were reading.

Steve turned 32 today. We had dinner, presents, and cake with my side of family. Saturday we will meet up with Steve's side of the family to catch up on birthdays. The only picture I got tonight was Hailey giving him a hug at the end of the night.

Tell the truth... really she has come out of her room to beg for more bedtime stories.

Steve got a new pair of shoes, 2 cds, and some new board games.

Hailey loves to play this one.

Steve is going to love this game because the setup changes every time you play.

We have played this with our next door neighbors and it's lots of fun.