Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wondering who's been using your deodorant?

Ever hear of Crio Bru Hot Chocolate? It is ground up raw cocoa beans. You steep them in a french press and sweeten the drink to your liking. So why would anyone drink this?  I'll share with you why I decided to get it for myself.

From the Crio Bru Website:

The cocoa bean (also known as the cacao bean) is one of nature’s most amazing superfoods, offering high antioxidant value, mineral benefits and natural energy. Doctors and dieticians have espoused the benefits of dark chocolate for years, teaching us that the cacoa beans used to make this healthy chocolate can become a critical part of a healthy diet.
All this found naturally in a perfect little package – the cocoa bean.
hands beans.jpg
Crio Brü is made from 100%, perfectly roasted cocoa beans. Nothing more, nothing less. No sugar, no chemicals, no dairy. Although Crio Brü roasts the cocoa beans, many of the health benefits found in its natural state are preserved, giving you a superior product with sky-high antioxidants, abundant minerals and healthy energy.
The cocoa beans used in Crio Brü and Crio Beans are superior to most foods because they deliver so many nutrients that we each need to boost health and wellness*. Here is list of some of the benefits of incorporating cocoa beans into your life: 

Boost your immune system
Antioxidants fight oxidative damage and free radicals in the body. Cocoa (or cacao) contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world, including polyphenols, catechins, and epicatechins. By weight, cocoa has more antioxidants than red wine, blueberries, açai, pomegranates, and goji berries combined. To see the ORAC USDA chart, go to our Crio FAQs page.

Zinc plays a critical role in supporting your immune system, liver, pancreas and skin.
Increase energy naturally
Cocoa beans contain a natural stimulant called theobromine that is a relative of caffeine. Unlike caffeine, theobromine gives you a noticeable increase in energy without 
making you feel nervous or jittery. Cacao naturally contains about 1% theobromine.

Theobromine is gentle, mild, has a slow onset, is long lasting and non-addictive 
whereas caffeine is intense, strong, fast acting, short lived and addictive. In short, 
it gives you healthy energy as part of a healthy diet. 

Curb your appetite and lose weight
Cocoa is one of the great weight loss foods because within its extraordinary nutrition 
profile it contains the minerals and molecules that help curb appetite, promote weight loss and healthy living. 

Compared to soda, fruit juice and other drinks, Crio Brü has a nominal number of calories and only 1.5 carbs per serving with many health benefits making it an incredibly healthy drink and a great addition to any health and fitness program. 

Dr. Oz recently talked about how brewed cocoa can help you burn fat faster on the Dr. Oz show:

"This is a really cool idea. I think this is something really worth trying. Here's what I love about itIt's why it can help you burn fat faster. It has a natural stimulant, not caffeine, called theobromine that can boost your metabolism. It's very safe. It 
also has a fat blocker. It helps get rid of the fat in your body by blocking an enzyme you need to digest fat, so you never absorb the fat into your body." 
- Dr. Oz

Support your heart, digestive system, brain and bones
Cocoa has more magnesium than any other food, which supports the heart, aids digestion, balances brain chemistry and builds strong bones. Over 80% of Americans are chronically magnesium deficient.

Crio Brü is a 100% gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, fat free food.

Crio Beans are a 100% gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free, soy free and sodium free food.

Oxygenate the blood and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
The trace mineral manganese found in cacao assists iron to oxygenate the blood and form hemoglobin.

Found naturally in cacao, copper helps build healthy blood.

Nearly 80% of Americans are deficient of the trace mineral chromium that helps promote a healthy blood sugar level. 

This is another reason Crio Breans are truly a healthy chocolate.
Feel great, increase focus, reduce stress and sleep better
An endorphin or “bliss chemical” called anadamide is produced by our body after exercise that makes us feel great. It has also been found in one plant – cacao. 

Our body produces the chemical phenylethylamine when we fall in love and increases focus and alertness. This natural chemical is also found abundantly in cacao. 

Cacao contains serotonin, a primary neurotransmitter in the body that helps build a “stress defense shield.”

Tryptophan is a natural anti-depressant amino acid contained in cacao that transforms into stress-protective neurotransmitters that enhance relaxation and promote better sleep.
Just eating a a messy strawberry.

I know... I blinked my eyes and look at what he did.


I just love the silly things these kids do.

Climbing in the apple tree.

The apples are coming along nicely.

I caught Hailey putting on a little bit of Steve's deodorant.

And then I caught her with mine. Just making sure her elbow doesn't get sweaty...

Then she told me there was a witch living in her belly button. HA!

I have a dill plant on my kitchen window sill. Steve went out there at night and noticed half the plant was GONE and then looked and saw seven caterpillars devouring it. Hailey was excited about them but got scared when Steve tried to bring them close so she could touch them. They got kicked outside after that.

He has been getting his top two teeth.

This boy thinks the trashcan in a goldmine of treasures.

Sometimes I wish his face would get stuck like this - it's so cute.