Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

Top two teeth are on their way in to stay.

These were two little light up, talking toys Steve wanted for Father's Day from the computer game Portal 2. Hailey was pretty excited when we got them in the mail.... because now Dad gets "new toys!" She thought it was his birthday. Of course Steve pressed Hailey to tell him what we got him for Father's Day: what color his new toys were, oh and yes... where is Mommy hiding them?? So Hailey got them out from under the bed and gave them to him early. I am not sure who was more excited: Steve or Hailey.

One great thing about holidays are stores always have super sales. We have been looking for a new suit for Steve on and off for the last year. My parents bought him a suit after we got married and he has worn that to pieces.  You know you need a new suit when  people at church don't feel bad telling you it's time to get a new one. Steve only likes to wear 3 piece suits with a vest, and has strong opinions on colors and patterns. Basically what he loves is really hard to find without breaking the bank. We found a store that had about 10 suits in his size at a great deal... the more you buy the better discount you get. I really thought Steve needed a second suit, but the sale was sweetest when we purchased three. A light colored one for summer and spring, a double pinstriped one, and a navy pinstriped one. Now Steve just has to wait for the alterations to be finished.

Nice and cozy in my blanket from Nana.

Hailey loves her blanket from Nana too. She likes to smell the flower on it.

You never know what you are going to find in his mouth.