Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calico Critter Chateau

Yay, the house got finished in time for Christmas!
The dormer windows were the last to get made.

All the rooms got pretty crown molding.

Hailey is obessed with her little critters and re-arranging the furniture every few minutes. It is a good thing this toy is not in her room, but in the hall, or she would never go to bed at night. Yesterday morning she shot out of bed and ran to the hallway to play with the playhouse.

Even the horse gets his own rug to lie down on. The nice thing about this is we can continue to add more sets. We already have a few more Calico Critters sets stashed away for her birthday and Easter.

Steve and I have tried putting Hailey's fairies and Little People in the playhouse but Hailey keeps telling us "no" and throwing them out.  Wow, I didn't know the playhouse was so exclusive.

Still love the cute shutters and window panes Steve made out of wood, then painted and glued on.

Our hall turned playroom.... got to have the new rocking horse out there with the playhouse.

Little People: Nativity meets Disney Princesses

Princess Tiana and Wise Man #1 decide to get together.

Ariel... yeah she just wanted something that had legs like her.

Belle and Wise Man #2 have made a love connection.

Battle of the Blonds competing for Wise Man #3.
No final decision yet.....

Snow White traded in taking care of the dwarves for taking care of Jesus (smart move).