Monday, September 24, 2012

McClellan Family Fun

Unlike Hailey, Evan is a morning person and is super smiley when he wakes up.

Hailey just wants to help Steve.

Somebody played in the mud... can you tell?

We seem to have quite a few apples this year.

They still need another month or two of growing before they will be ready to pick.

Last year Hailey and I saved some pumpkin seeds to plant and this is one of the pumpkins we grew.

Just wanted a snack before bed.
 (She eats at least an apple or two a day.)

Steve did family home evening with some mission visuals he saved, which recieved lots of clapping and cheering from Hailey.

Occasionaly Steve and I find a few moments late at night to play a fun game (and enjoy some delicious hot cocoa).